About Us

Company History


Since 1977, passion, reliability and hard work, are Dolomitissime keywords for success as the company has seen a steady growth in the Belluno Real Estate market.

Dolomitissime is specialized in touristic holiday apartments renting in the Agordino and in Fassa Valley. Besides, Dolomitissime can efficiently accommodate first-time-buyers needs in the Bellunese area. A partnership with Giuliano Dal Magro assure to De Biasio's brothers founded a widespread control of the whole Dolomites area.

The synergy between thirty-year experience and a dynamic savoir faire makes Dolomitissime business expand, further and further, including in commercial and industrial properties sector.

Dedication, transparency, fairness and precision are some of the keywords that make Dolomitissime such a successful and ever-improving company. The particular attention commited to structure conditions and development processes guarantees to our clients a professional service of advice and mediation.

Our 5 offices, located across the territory of Falcade, Alleghe, Agordo, Sedico and Fassa Valley (Soraga), permit our group to efficiently meet any of our clients’ needs.